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Girl’s side (Classic)
Boy’s side (Classic)
Grandparents mentioned
Grandparents blessings
Late grandparents blessings
Grandparents inviting
One grandparent inviting
Best compliments mentioned
Both sides parents inviting
Wedding as the heading
Placeholder for guest name
Bride & groom inviting

Wedding Invitation Matter

“It's only words and words are all I have, to take your heart away”

Remember these unforgettable lines sung by Bee Gees? It’s all about the magic of words because words are all we have to invite our closest friends and family to the most important occasion of our lives.
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A thoughtfully written invitation completes a beautifully designed wedding card. However, deciding on what to write can be very challenging because the wording should ideally:

  • Evoke the right feeling of excitement and happiness while maintaining a degree of formality (it is a wedding after all)
  • Include the names of all important family members including parents, grandparents and siblings
  • Have all the critical information relating to timings and venue details
  • Be concise and crisp so guests are able to understand clearly

Trying to balance all these is what makes it tough. Moreover, writing invitations is not something we do everyday and so we don't know if we’re being too formal or casual, too lengthy or short and so on. And god forbid if an important family member is left out! This is where our wording templates come in to help.

We have collated a wide range of wording templates for your reference with multiple formats for a variety of functions. We have wording templates for Wedding, Reception, Mehendi, Sangeet, Cocktails, Engagement, Anand Karaj, Nikah and Muhurtham to name a few. We even have wording templates for RSVP Cards and Wedding Details Cards.

Moreover, for each function, we have multiple options depending on who is inviting and whether the language is formal or slightly fun and light. The templates also cover subtle points such as:

  • Different ways to mention grandparents names in your invite
  • Ways to respectfully mention deceased family members (a grandparent or parent)
  • Ways to word your invitation to have space to handwrite each guests name (if needed)
  • Ways to acknowledge key members of the family such as siblings and cousins
  • How to write wording in case both families are jointly inviting guests

These templates will give you a great starting point to begin your invitation wording. In order to make it easy for you, we have made each template downloadable, so that you can edit or modify at your convenience. The ideal way to go about your wording is to keep tweaking it on a word document till its final, and then paste it against each insert while placing your order.

Remember, you can supplement your wording by choosing relevant motifs on your invitation as well. We have a large number of religious and general motifs for you to choose from. A small tip - While we constantly update our motif library, in case you are not able to find a religious script/shlok that represents your cultural or religious background, please write to us and we will make efforts to incorporate it in your invite.

Once you share your wording with us and place your order, our text placement team will professionally place your wording to make it look good. Don’t worry, once our team has finished, we will share the invitation mockup with you for approval. If you have any minor edits or if you forgot an important piece of information, you can let us know at that stage and it will be incorporated in the next round. Your invitation will only proceed for print once you’re happy with it!

Feel free to browse our printed wedding invitations and wedding eCards and do reach out to us for any queries. You can chat with us on Whatsapp on +91 9810842182 or email us on Read Less