Phere Wax Seal

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Per wax seal, including taxes

Per vellum jacket, including taxes

Taken as an add-on to printed wedding cards

  • Product Description

    • Wax seals add a luxurious touch to any invitation or project, creating a lasting impression. They are made by hand using a wax resin, a glue gun and a brass stamp. Once they are made, an adhesive tape is applied at the back, which makes it very easy to stick on to any item
  • Order Process

    • Choose your quantity & place order
    • A dedicated order manager is allocated to you to coordinate
    • Production time: 3-4 days
    • Delivery time:
      • Within India: 2-4 days (with tracking)
      • Outside India: 4-6 days (via DHL Express with tracking)
    Note: If Wax seals are taken along with printed wedding cards, they will be couriered together
  • Product Details

    • Final size: 1.25 inch diameter
    • Shape: Round (imperfect since it is handmade)
    • Color: Gold
    • Backing: Peel-off adhesive tape
  • How to use

    • Peel the adhesive tape from the back
    • Press the wax seal firmly on the desired location
  • Applications

    • A wax seal can be used for a variety of projects, including in wedding invitations where it can be used to seal the envelope flap, as well as to seal the vellum jacket
    • Please see product pictures to get a visual
  • Can I take a custom monogram on my wax seal?

    • Yes you can take a custom monogram on your wax seal
    • Price: It costs Rs. 3,999 Flat extra to make the monogram & the custom brass wax stamp with the monogram. The wax seals price remains the same as mentioned on the website
    • Timeline: Additional 8-10 days over and above the regular wax seal timelines
    • Please email us on or whatsapp us on 9810842182 to place an order for custom monogram wax seals or contact your order manager to have these added to your order.