Itinerary Cards

Itinerary Cards

Itinerary Cards

Keep your guests updated about the wedding program & festivities

Itinerary Cards for Weddings

The big fat Indian wedding is all about functions and more functions. There is so much planned and your wedding invitations can only mention the highlights. But then there are the details for every function which need to be communicated. For such details, the wedding itinerary card is recommended. Once your guests reach, the itinerary card (also known as the wedding programme card) placed in their rooms will tell them as much more you want them to know.
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You can share the wedding programme card details once again since no one keeps the wedding card handy. In addition, the programme card can give the details of all other services you have planned for them such as Laundry, Ironing, Salon Services, Styling and Make Up etc. If you have planned their transport and other logistics, the same details can be mentioned. You can give the contact details of the wedding planner or a concierge or any other designated people, whom you guests can call if they need any assistance.

At the Wedding Card Co. you can take the itinerary cards or programme cards for weddings in designs matching your wedding invitations and other stationery. You will find a lot of templates for your Itinerary Card on the website to help you start writing your own. Also, check out the Wedding Invitation Suite section where you will find a lot of other wedding related stationery.

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