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Money Envelopes

Money Envelopes

Matching shagun envelopes personalised with names

Shagun Envelopes

What is it with gifting money for a wedding? 
Shagun, in Indian culture, is usually a monetary gift for an auspicious occasion and wishing the person good luck for their future. The word Shagun comes from the “sa-gun” meaning “good attributes” and it also implies “auspicious blessings”. Read More

And why do we need to put the money in an envelope?
The simple answer is that the best gift is money and like any other gift it should be gift wrapped. What else can be a better gift wrap for money than a beautiful envelope? Also in our culture, it is inherent to handle money with respect and basic courtesy to be very discreet while gifting money. 

Weddings are when Shagun envelopes find their best use. Did you know that giving Shagun is not only limited to India but is a very Asian practice? For example, in China, Korea and Japan it’s quite similar to India except that in China the envelopes are red, in Korea, they are white and in Japan, they are more colourful and artistic. 

We at The Wedding Card Co. offer you a wide variety of affordable personalised money envelopes with designs matching your wedding cards. Earlier Shagun envelopes with names would just be plain but over time they have moved from being plain and simple to becoming beautifully designed and printed works of art. 

At The Wedding Card Co. you will find hundreds of designs for customised money envelopes for weddings. Ordering these cash envelopes is easy. Simply choose the design you like, decide the quantity you want, and we do the rest for you. We also suggest that you get your name printed on the envelop flap because this helps the receiver to know who gave what. Plus, cash envelopes with names add a personalized touch that creates a great impression. Since we put an adhesive strip on the inside of the flap, it's always a good idea for you to seal the envelope before gifting, so as to prevent any tampering with it.

We have also tried to make it easy for you to choose from the very wide variety of designs on offer. The designs of shagun lifafa’s are not only categorised by Floral, Traditional, Festive and Royal looks but also by cultural preferences of Hindu, Sikh, Christian, South Indian and Muslim. Knowing that the regional tastes play a role, we have tried to shortlist some designs with elements from South India, Kashmir, Bengal etc. 

Most importantly, you can also take personalised shagun cash envelopes with names independently or matching with your wedding card design.To have a look at our matching wedding cards, e-cards and stationery items in one place, please have a look at our wedding card suites page. Read Less

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