Ritual Cards

Ritual Cards

Ritual Cards

Explainer card for guests to read along during your wedding ceremony

Ritual Cards or Wedding Ceremony Cards

Wedding ceremonies and rituals have a lot of meaning in every society. But for the most part, they are considered a compulsion to sanctify the occasion because no one really understands them. Let’s face it, Indian weddings, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, religion and their blends, tend to be very elaborate.
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Over time this diversity has created blended communities. Weddings are happening across communities and each side wants their customs and rituals to be included in the ceremonies. Everyone wants them to get over so that they can get on to the song and dance.

Wedding ceremony cards or the wedding ritual cards come very handy to the guests in understanding the flow of the rituals and their essence. You will recall enough instances where you may have been sitting around the Mandap and praying that the Punditji gets over with the mantras and the pheras. On the other hand, if someone could explain the rituals to you, then the whole experience would become more meaningful and you would enjoy the ceremony a lot more.

There are so many ceremonies like the Mehendi, the Choora, the Jai Mala, the Pheras, the Bidai to name a few of the commonly known ones. Other than these, every community will be conducting their variations and maybe some more of them. The Ritual Card takes care of this gap. Your guests will read the relevant information of the Ritual Card and enjoy participating in the ceremonies.

At the Wedding Card Co. you can take Ritual Cards, (as well as Saptpadi cards, Nikah Ceremony Cards and Order of Service) in designs matching your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. You will find a lot of templates for your Ritual Card on the website to help you start writing your own. Also, check out the Wedding Invitation Suite section where you will find a lot of other wedding related stationery.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. You can chat with us on Whatsapp on +91 9810842182 or email us on hello@weddingcardco.com.
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