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Wedding Details Cards

Whether it’s a destination wedding or a locally organised wedding, it’s always a good idea to keep your guests well informed about the arrangements you have made for them, and share any other important information which may be needed by them during their stay.
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For this reason, a Details Card is typically sent along with the printed wedding invitation. It is typically slightly smaller than wedding inserts and is placed on top of the inserts. A band is then taken to hold the Details Card and the inserts together, and this set is placed inside the envelope. It allows you to share information with your guests which may not have been covered in the main invitation. You may like to share details relating to:

  • The accommodation you have organised for your guests
  • The details of transportation from the airport to the venue and back
  • The details of transportation back and forth from the wedding venue and the hotel
  • Activities which are not a part of the main functions such as details of nearby attractions (in case there is a gap day in your wedding schedule)
  • Special instructions related to timings or currency or facilities which may help guests plan their travel better

Note: Some brides and grooms arrange for discounted hotel rooms near the wedding venue for the benefit of their guests. The names of such hotels along with a booking reference (Eg. “Isha and Parth wedding”) can be shared on the Details Card.

On the design front, the Wedding Details Card should ideally match your designer wedding card theme so that it looks like it’s part of a full set. At The Wedding Card Co., we have a matching Details Card for each printed wedding card design. This way, you can select any printed wedding card design you like from the hundreds of options available, and still have your Details Card in the same theme. To make it easy to find the matching Details Card, we have placed the relevant link in the description of each printed wedding card design.

Wedding Details Cards are more common in NRI wedding invitations. In India, the Wedding Invitation Details Cards are slowly on the rise due to the increasing popularity of destination weddings. In destination weddings, a Details Card having transportation and accommodation information really helps guests plan their trip better.

There are a few alternate uses for Wedding Details Cards as well. A Wedding Invitation Details Card can also be used by brides and grooms to:

  • Explain the significance of their wedding rituals such as Saat Phere, Anand Karaj, Nikah etc.
  • Describe how they met (to give a background to guests)
  • Write a poem that is special to them
  • Convey to guests how happy they are to celebrate their most important day with them

For wedding invitation details card wording, please have a look at the invitation wording section on our website. We have a lot of Details Card wording templates, adapted to Indian weddings. You can download a template which fits your wedding schedule the best and edit it to suit your preferences.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. You can chat with us on Whatsapp on +91 9810842182 or email us on
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