Wedding Card Suites

Wedding Card Suites

Wedding Card Suites

Wedding Card Suites

200+ Wedding Cards & Stationery, divided into 9 sections

Unique Wedding Card Suites

Weddings are all about finding the perfect match. Now that the brides and grooms have found their perfect matches in each other, it's time to coordinate the rest. We at The Wedding Card Co., strive to create the perfect matches for you when it comes to your invitations. Read More

Choosing your wedding card at The Wedding Card Co. is definitely your first step because we offer you a lot more than just unique wedding card designs for printed wedding invitations. There is so much more that you will need beyond just the invitation cards. Matching with your unique wedding card design, you have the option of adding an E-Card, Gift Tags, Money or Shagun Envelopes, RSVP Cards, Details Cards, Mithai boxes, Laser Folders, Gift Bags, Welcome Notes, Itinerary Cards, Ritual Cards, Placard Designs along with Wax Seals, Vellum Jacket and of course your Personalised Monogram Crest which you can use where ever you may want to. You can see all of these under the Stationary & add-ons heading on the main menu. We have also made it very convenient for you by creating the Wedding Suite section, which is like a one stop shop for all the coordinated items.

Before you start wondering at so many different items, let us understand why and where are they useful, as you go through with the wedding.

Printed Wedding Cards
The printed invitation card does not need any introduction. It is the traditional essential which everyone needs. Your wedding card set will include the separate inserts for the individual functions which you maybe planning. Our website gives you numerous unique wedding invitation dedsigns, each having multiple choices for inserts.

Digital E-Card / Video E-Cards
The digital E Card is becoming very popular due to the ease of sending it without depending on couriers and post. It can be sent through WhatsApp to outstation guests to whom its not convenient to send a printed card. It should also be sent to those who get a printed card, especially because it will be available on their phones till the big day.
Our Digital E cards are nearly identical and as elegant as the printed cards so that your guests don’t feel that they are getting something inferior which most people pick off the internet. They are in a PDF format , and if you want, our E cards can have SMART LINKS embedded in them. This means that you can ask for a Google Maps link to your venues or even a Phone Link to dial your phone no if your Guests need to speak with you.
Video E cards, are the digital cards which have some animation in the design elements without making it look cheap or tacky. The animated invitation and text moves in sync with music which may make such E Cards quite engaging to your guests.

Gift Tags
Wedding time is gifting time. Everyone is giving and receiving gifts. Even the most beautifully packed gift should have a gift card to make it more personal. When you give out the gifts, it will be impossible to write your best compliments on every tag, so its suggested that you buy the gift cards with your message and name printed.

Money or Shagun Envelopes
Traditionally, money is a very popular gift. In Indian culture, money is never flashed and is always given discreetly. Shagun envelopes matching your design are the most elegant way to gift money.

RSVP and Details Cards
Brides and Grooms who are getting married outside India, especially if they are a part of the NRI community, may additionally require RSVP Cards and Details Cards along with their printed wedding invitations. We offer perfectly matching RSVP and Details Cards along with each printed invitation so that whichever design you finally choose, the overall theme can be maintained. This allows you to have your wedding invitation suite perfectly coordinated in the design of your choice.

Mithai Boxes
Every auspicious occasion is celebrated with “Munh Meetha Keejiye”. The mithai or sweets can be sourced from your local or preferred sweet shop but as a wedding gift the standard sweet shop boxes feel commercial. With us, you can have your personalised mithai boxes made matching your wedding invitation.

Gift Bags
Any gift looks and feels better when in a gift bag. Even otherwise, a gift bag makes it easy to manage and carry the many gifts which are part of every wedding celebration. What can get better than a gift bag matching your invitations? The best part, it fits our mithai boxes with ease.

Laser Folders
Beautiful jaali and filigree designs are cut by precision laser cutting to create very elegant folders for your invitation cards. As your guests open the envelope to take out the invitations, they see the beautifully designed cards through the Lase Folder cutwork and they will experience elegance like never before. Such Laser Folders are available in a variety of colours which can be coordinated with your wedding invitation design.

Vellum Jacket
The sheer drape of the translucent cover through which there is a subtle glimpse of the cards inside makes their inherent beauty even more desirable. Vellum itself means translucent. Vellum paper is becoming increasingly popular in enhancing the look and feel of wedding invitations. It is not any ordinary paper like tracing or parchment paper but is made from a very sophisticated process. Vellum has a crisp, super smooth finish which is not meant to be crystal clear, but see-through like frosted glass.

Wax Seals
The classic way to seal the envelope is the wax seal. Instead of melting the wax and sealing each envelope flap, we give you the option to buy premade wax seals. They are made of faux wax so that they don’t break or crack when being used. You just have to peel the pregummed seal and stick it on the flap.

Monogram Crest
A personalised monogram crest exudes class. Everyone should have their personalised monogram. It lends an element of sophistication and class to the otherwise mundane. At The Wedding Card Co. we design your Monogram in a very elegant and subtle manner so that it can be used discreetly on your wedding cards, your stationery and definitely on the wax seals where is finds a natural fit.

Seeing such a wide range of wedding related items, you may have some questions and may like speaking to someone. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. You can chat with us on Whatsapp on +91 9810842182 or email us on Read Less