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Indian Wedding E-Invite

Tradition weds technology with our designer wedding cards matched with beautiful Indian wedding E Invites. We have made wedding eCards as elegant as our printed wedding cards because at The Wedding Card Co., we believe that no matter how you invite your guests, it should be special.
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Very often we are asked, “Isn’t it a bit impersonal to send an eCard, no matter how beautiful it may be?” An eCard is not as impersonal as you may think, provided it is sent for a justifiable reason. An eCard, when used in the correct context, is very helpful and your guests will appreciate them even more than what you may expect. Sometimes, in an intimate wedding, there are so few guests that printing cards may not be feasible. In situations like these, eCards serve a good purpose as people understand the limitations of getting printed wedding cards made in small quantities. There may be a situation where you cannot post a printed card to a guest because either you don’t have their address, or maybe your guests are living abroad where courier may be prohibitively expensive and regular post may take too long. eCards help in these situations as well

We have hundreds of thoughtfully made wedding E-invitation designs with a distinct Indian theme so that you are able to choose one that you love. To make it convenient, we have divided them into various design categories:

  • Floral wedding eCards: Ideal for Brides and Grooms who would like to have a contemporary wedding. Don’t worry, we have floral invitations with an Indian influence as well!
  • Traditional wedding eCards: Ideal for weddings that are orthodox in style, these designs are made to keep our rich traditions alive
  • Festive wedding eCards: Having a big Indian wedding with lots of vibrance and color? These E Invites are perfect for you as they have a touch of modernism to them as well
  • Royal wedding eCards: Getting married like a King and Queen in a castle or a heritage property? These are the designs you should browse!

India is a vibrant country and a melting pot of a variety of cultures. For this reason, we have Indian wedding E-invite designs for a variety of backgrounds such as Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi, South Indian (Tamil and Telugu) and Christian cultures.

Writing text for your wedding E invitation can prove to be a challenging task. For this reason, we have created an invitation wording page where you can access text templates for various functions. These templates are freely downloadable and can be edited by you.

Our base wedding eCard comes with a cover age and a single function page. If you are planning an intimate wedding with a single function, this would work best. On the other hand, If you are planning a big fat Indian wedding with a host of functions including a pre wedding party, Sangeet, Mehendi and Reception, you can add function pages for each one.

It’s very common to not invite every guest to each one of your functions. To make it convenient for you, we not only share 1 complete E card set with all functions, we also share individual function pages separately. This way, you can send a specific function E Invites to each guest depending on how many they are invited for.

Our eCards have the same design aesthetics and elegance as our printed cards. Infact, we have a matching E-card for every printed wedding card. This is helpful as many people like to take an eCard to supplement their printed cards because guest lists tend to be ever expanding and running short of printed cards is not a comforting thought. Moreover, ecards can be WhatsApped’ as a reminder closer to the date. The best way to add a matching eCard to your printed wedding cards is to opt in for it while you’re placing your printed card order. It is more convenient and more cost effective this way.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. You can chat with us on Whatsapp on +91 9810842182 or email us on
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